South West Scotland Dairy Show

This year’s South West Scotland Dairy Show attracted a good show of cattle and was well supported by spectators. Halmyre Urr Ladybird 445, a Halmyre Urr Lieutenant daughter, stood reserve champion having won the second calver class.

Championship line up

Calved in June she stood champion at Dumfries and Westmorland Shows.

Ladybird 445 - Presentation

In the heifer class Halmyre Urr Ladybird 461 stood top of the line, also by Lieutenant she calved in June at 25 months and stood reserve heifer champion at Westmorland.

Ladybird 461 - Presentation

Halmyre Urr Louise 260 stood second in the mature class, only two weeks fresh having calved twins this third calver is by Palmyra Tri-Star Reality. She stood heifer champion at AgriScot 2013 and was reserve champion Ayrshire 2014.

Thank you to Robin Baird from Dumfries and Galloway! What’s Going On? and Lizzie Bland for their photographs on the night.

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